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Tlc 2019 with Apostle lefor; An Unforgettable Experience

We gathered for a moment to bask in the presence of God with unlimited talent demonstrations and ministrations, but we left with an experience.

An experience that will be embedded in our spirits for a long time .

We left with Unforggetable memories that will not be traded for anything .

From the magnificent dance performances to the astounding voices. To the worship sessions and the word , the conference was a full package .


Not forgetting the entreprenural training, the funding of start ups, placement of stands for marketing and showcase, it was an assemblage of every category, every talent and every gift.

The atmosphere was filled with creativity .

As much as we would have loved more people to be in attendance and to be partakers of it , because we have very few of such gospel events happening in Cameroon. But truth is , not everyone can or could have been there.

The man of God apostle lefor during his ministration said " the wise men believed Jesus from His baby stage. They were wise because they could identify a king in a baby. Something not every one could ."

Hence, tlc or every other project can only be identified and invested (time, energy, funds etc) in by the wise especially at the seed stage..

The event was glamorous , fun, and impacting. Although it could have been better if they had better or more constructive sound, started on time and have more performances / ministration .

However, everyone left satisfied. Some attendees had these to say ..

Attendee 1 :

The organization is great, from start to finish.
It was epic,
The only thing is I didn't know the purpose of the light conference
I saw it as another concert that's all
But it may be because I didn't attend the second day. But the organization was one of the best.

Attendee 2 :

TLC was an amazing show I enjoyed it very well it was filled with talents, arts and even though it was my first year but it was remarkable I can't wait for the next session.

Attendee 3 :

I just didn't believe we could have such glamour and splendor in a gospel event .. i was awed ..

Attendee 4 :
It was good but the organization wasn't really interesting maybe it's due to the aim of it.

Attendee 5:

TLC was a success..it felt wonderful being in one room with people who understood who God was and were willing and ready to Express and showcase their emotions through their various acts..personally, I was thrilled by the dancers and painters..what a manner of self expression! Beautiful.
The organizers did a great job at the level of decor and planning..the ground was beautiful, the ushers were welcoming although their technical crew had some issues..aside that every other thing was beautifully cut out.
All in all, we thank the Tlc team for putting up such an event ..

You can check their page for more videos and YouTube..

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