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Artist Profiling: Meet gospel artist "K3ndrick" with a "3" !

Why the name "K3ndrick"?
"...first of all, there's a common error people make when writing down my name...it's K3ndrick, with the "3" representing the God-head..."
 Meet gospel artist K3ndrick, one who's life has been set out to create content that promotes God.

 In a world that is more interested in God's hand than His heart, K3ndrick chooses to be different.

K3ndrick's pursuit of "Eternal Value" in gospel music changed the course of his music career.

The artist credits his inspiration to the Holy Spirit, with his role model being Pastor Chris.

Formerly trailing icons like Frank Edwards, and Eben, etc K3ndrick has decided to explore the intricacies of his divine blueprint.

For K3ndrick, language should not be a limitation to the spread of the gospel
"...5yrs from now I should be...translating...writing my songs in Chinese so I can communicate Christ to them..."
Dreams, they say, always come with challenges.  Self-doubt plagues K3ndrick and he constantly wonders if he is on the right path.  More courage, big guy, as you keep pressing forward.

K3ndrick's advice to aspiring artists is:
"...since you decided that this is what you want to do, do it like it's gonna disappear any moment...consistency and diligence always push you to the top...sow ur seeds and watch out."

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