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Artists Profiling: Get To Know Who Maureen Forbah Is

In this musical journey, not everyone faces a financial challenge . Some others, find it hard to break through their surroundings . Especially when those ahead make succeeding so hard for them coupled with alot of oppositions and negativity. No wonder, climbing up has never been so easy after all.

In the life of Maureen forbah, a worship leader, an accounting/ finance student, and a prospective beautician and stylist. The musical journey has not been easy but with resilience, she has managed to pull through.

"The challenges I have seen personally is people not wanting to see you succeed. It’s more unbelievable because it comes from the same ‘gospel ministers’ in the same city or country. People be trying to do politics.

This challenge is not just for me but also most other gospel singers. Overcoming this challenge, my plan act is to be an example and stay on my lane of the calling. "

However, singing as early as 14 , only goes to show how passionate miss Maureen has been about her music. At the age where many people could barely know themselves or identify their gifts, she was already blessed . And she did not only identify, she served in it. What a blessing !!!

"I have been singing since I was 14 but started a professional journey 9years ago with the Flames choir where I have been and am being groomed therefore I’ve been a worship leader for 9years". 

Using your gift to bless God's people is the best thing anyone could ever ask for. Using your purpose to serve Him, is success because most people never even get the chance to fulfil theirs. Miss Maureen has been an active participant in the body of Christ, and for that she deserves a badge of honor.

"My inspiration is the God I sing for and the people I minister to. I mean gospel music is an amazing way to reach out to people and bring them closer to God. My aspirations is to go as far as it can take me."

And we pray that , as she keeps on steadily in this journey or path of hers, may her desires be granted . May she reach whatever lenght she envisions for herself in Jesus Name. ..
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