Insight on Palace Wahala ; A New Born Comedy Series

Grace @ work production Launched her first Comedy Movies series Audition on 27 of July, 2019.

As per what the CEO; Tim Lambert told the MOGt tv team during an exclusive interview;

This movie which it's Episode 1 is out is to showcase the first set of talented Cameroonians in all sector of entertainment, Comedians, TV presenters, Musical artists, Actors and actresses etc and also to introduce GRACE@WORK PRODUCTIONS to the public.

Grace @work productions is like an incubator of entertainment and growth.

" we have about 4 to 5 other sectors which are:

1)  The comedy movie series. Which it's shooting is ongoing

2) Reminding the youths not only to be youthful but useful a street demonstrations to encourage Youths not to give up in what is in them rather they should Stire it up.

This part is moving from town to town meeting youths or degree holders who graduated without jobs but are hustling not waiting for the government.

when they tell us their story, we then collect it in video formsts and use it on our social platforms to encourage others who think the government is the only why out.

Also children who roam the streets hacking with talents in them..we interview them, ask them to perform and from there we encourage them in our own way on how to use those talents to glorify God and to also make themselves useful in it.

3) We are also involved in advertising and encouraging both large and small businesses by running motion graphical representation of their activities and we go as far as encouraging little businesses or gift youths in what they know how to do best

e.g someone who bakes so well, Hair dressers, Makeup artists just to name a few at a little or no cost and using our social platforms and TV stations to run the adverts at which Grace@WORK PRODUCTIO pays the bills.

Promote and make the world know about the production.

4) There is a Movie project up coming and only the Youths we have been able to trained and promote will be participants of this movie..this is to show  how much and how far we have been able to achieve our vision."

All in all palace wahala comedy series runs through several theme topics every episode. However, it's main goal as explained above is to inspire youths, keep them busy , and also provide a forum for young girls and boys to hone their gifts .

Get ready to laugh out your lungs as you watch the series in the link below


Pls don't laugh alone, share .... God Bless you ..
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