Exclusive interview with The King As he Puts out Rap Track "Translated Ft T -Stringz "

In era where the church still hesitates on seeing rap as worship music, one can only imagine how hard it is for these gospel rap artists to flow or connect.

However, although rap style is different the message is same. And many youths today love hip hop/rap so it's only fair that we use what they love to bring them closer to God.

Nonetheless, as per the artist "The King" , and apparently every other gospel artist, he draws his inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

" My inspiration in music is the Holy Spirit and it mostly comes from studying the scriptures and teachings from my pastors."

Furthermore, with his experience in the music ministry, he sends out a little piece of advice to his fellow colleagues

"My advice to Gospel ministers is to minister and not entertain. Because we are really not here to entertain but help build Gods kingdom by reconciling and edifying the world to the word of God.

I envision Gods word spreading more through this ministry of music as we get closer to the rapture"

Nevertheless as per the case of rap music, we can only pray things get better . We cannot put God in a box and decide where God can or cannot be moving .

According to the king;

"Some still think rap music is a non righteous form of music but it’s said in the last days knowledge shall be increased so more and more people are coming to the light of the truth."

God can use any type of music to communicate his truth and this is evident in the song you are about to download.

Translated featuring T-Stringz is an exposé of Colossians 1:13 " ye have been translated into God's marvellous light"


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