The Worship Leaders Conference: What was it all about?

To begin with, it was a conference organised by music ministers for music ministers. The aim was to bring gospel music ministers together in an assemblage to learn and unlearn some basic knowledge and skills.

During the conference, lots of amazing things happened . From the worship to the praise sessions, the work shop and the messages . It was an outstanding event to witness.

There were topics like ;

1. The worshippers dressing ; a worshipper needs to be neat, decent and presentable. Boys avoid saggy jeans , girls avoid tight spanky skirts and mini blouses.

2. The heart of a worshiper : had points like;

• Emotion is competing with inspiration.
• Worship comes from a recreational knowledge of God. Worship is your own description of what you know about God.
• Music ministry: Lots of activity yet little accomplishment
• Worship goes beyond titles .
• A heart of a worshiper is a heart to seek God not a crowd .
• The difference between gospel music and Christian music
• Most of you are civilised animators.
• Worship is all about Jesus

3. How to communicate on stage as a worshipper

4. Ministry versus industry

5. Performance versus ministration

6. The workshop carried vocal training, key learning , Song choices , some ministerial ethics etc .

Lots of great things went down during the conference, you should have attended if you really wanted to know. 😁

However, it is shocking to see that, most music ministers or gospel artist did not attend .

Either they boycotted ( like maybe the rappers who felt left out) or they deliberately thought it wasn't worth their time.

Humility is key , we preach that every day to our followers, yet how many practice that?

One could say " may be because the setting was in a church ( church barrier) or the publicity was poor enough they did not get the memo.

The conference wasn't all that spectacular. No glitz and glamour, not highly budgeted but it was awesome. There was a connection, and it was spiritual.

Yes, no one was hoping to attend a church service kind of conference but we can't deny good content doesn't always come in great packages.

Nevertheless, our diversity is yet to be embraced but we cannot stop working.

As music ministers, we need to be hungry for growth . It is not just about acknowledgment or fitting in, or getting a seat at the table , but about progress and impact.

Attending such a program eventhough you were not on a poster doesn't make you less of a minister than those whose faces were printed .

Pastor Eta Benson mentioned in his exposé that, it is not about how many fliers or posters your faces are printed on but about your heart. Your commitment to Christ and it's about your "Why" .

Are you doing what you doing to gain accolades, for money, or are you doing it to fulfil God's purpose and to bless the lives of His children.

Truth is, the industry will or may hardly ever come to an agreement on certain things. As most people have their own genres, ideologies, visions and thoughts on how they think things should be done.

But notwithstanding, we must forge ahead as a community. Wearing the garment of humility because we are gearing towards the same goal. Soul winning.

Above all, we should walk in love . Supporting and lifting one another up because at the end of the day, when they refer to "Gospel music in Cameroon", it is not to some specific kind of people but to every one carrying the mandate.

Proverbs 28: 25 

He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the LORD shall be made fat.
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