The Revelation Behind the Song ; Baptize us by Abigail Philip

Upon release,  there has been some mixed feelings hovering around the song. While undoubtedly, the song is a good song as per the vocals and the instrumentals, some argue that the song isn't lyrically deep. As in, it is not scriptural and has an unconsicesd revelation.

First commenter says : That is not an in-Christ revelation. A believer with Christ living in him is already "baptized" and does not need to be baptized again.
So in essence, people who are growing in the knowledge of the truth will soon find the song uncomfortable. Well, but since most Christians are more emotional with religion than spiritual, the song will always move them. So it's cool.

Take note all what I said was an answer to the "revelation" and not a criticism for the song.

Second comment : John says Jesus will baptize with holy spirit and fire.
Has Jesus not already done when he ressurrected and during the pentacost, who ever is born again is already baptized with the spirit and fire you cannot ask God to do what He already did the day u got born again.

The Holy Spirit is a gift, and God's gifts are without repentance, if at a certain stage in your Christian Life u don't feel excited about the things of God again 2tim 1:6 says stir up the gift of God in you, it's already in you.
That lady is such an amazing vocalist.

However, because our team made a promise to serve the Christian community, we made it our business to spread the right message to our audience and create an atmosphere of understanding and fellowship.

In that light , in response to the subservient doubts of her audience, Mrs Abigail gave a clear explanation of her song and the revelation behind it .

Scriptural reference for the song;

Mathew 3:11
Luke 3:16

The Revelation 

To begin with, minus these quotations the baptism of fire is a real experience and a living one.
It's a baptism of purification, cleansing and passion.

Sometimes when people don't listen to songs in the spirit they easily judge with their senses and doctrinal arguments.

This song came to me in a time of fasting and prayer for the church. In my tears... The spirit prayed these words through me.


I had a great passion when I was younger in the music industry to convert my musician friends who were unbelievers and this pushed me to mingle with them while others took a step backward.

I sang with  them and did a lot of arts work with them but had clear boundaries which soon with time became blurred.

I realised that I was being influenced not because the darkness is stronger than light but because there were like passions in me I hadn't dealt with.

So those unpurified passions pulled me to flow is the same direction with them sometimes.

 By the grace of God I was snatched out from their midst and retreated to have God prune me. The work is not complete but that's exactly the story of this song.

As I said , one day I was praying for myself and the impact I feel the Lord wanting the church to create. As I prayed this song came forth in tears.

 Without the baptism of fire which is where pure gold is tested and purified, we will try to change the world yet flow with them. We need to invade and not mix.

We stand on a different mountain and show forth the purity and light of God.

Abigail Philip 

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