A Highlight reel of The Emmi Awards


From this event, it is safe to say that, glitz and glamour is gradually shifting into the gospel sector.

Not that we don't have Christians looking all fly , boojie and all that, but we are in an era where Christians have been labeled " church rats" and holiness is displayed through shabby looks. #facts.

However, the Emmy award brought so many things to the lamp light.

Firstly, the entertainment sector. From the performances , and the displays , one can only conclude that; gospel music is so dope and yet so under rated.

Talents are still untapped, the platforms are still in our dreams, and the audiences are not even making things better.

Recognising these artists, these talents was a great deal. So much so that, even if you did not win, you went back home with some sort of contentment in your spirit just for being nominated.

With all due respect, Emmy awards is no ones validation, but there's always happiness that comes from someone appreciating and loving your work. It keeps you motivated.

At the end of the day, our audience or analytics are part of the things that keep us going as creatives.

Nevertheless, the events organisation was somehow sleeky. As in, the poor time management, the absence of prayer before and after the event, not really good pictures and delivery was late, poor instrumentals etc. A lot of things were wrong about the organisation but we have to hand it to them. They did try. First edition, first mistakes.

The initiative is good, it is amazing. They are the first to trail that path. We can only hope for better platforms to blossom and more ideas to come. Emmy awards has proven to serve as a spring board, so we pray God gives the organiser and her team the strenght to do more. 
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  1. EMMI 2018 was a good start. It takes faith to start in such a way. Obviously the paths of the righteous keep shinning brighter. Congrats to the team.

  2. Great write up MOG, the approach was fair enough, as you recognized their efforts before revealing the urgly facts regarding the event.
    We cant really tell what happened prior or during the awards night; but i trust they do better next time.

  3. Yes it was really nice but would love to suggest that they make it a real concert or award night where you don't get bored that there wasn't any good soaking music before the event that they made us wait for 5hrs be4 they start, but rather you get boredown that there was too.much music

  4. Though I didn't assist but the initiative of the EMMI AWARD is a great and blesseth one a platform for Gospel legends and minister to expose their talents and gift and also to sell them selves,also it pushes us and motivates us to work harder and smart putting in our all in that which we do knowing that it will make way for us God bless richly the CEO and the organisers