Tanwie Randy Funwie Emerges As Winner Of The Sound From Heaven Music Competition

Tanwie Randy Funwie

A competition which began with about 8 contestants, melanged with every strong talent, wasn't an easy one to win.

TANWIE Randy Funwie so far proved his best, gave his all , and emerged the winner of this prestigious competition, going home with a cash gift of $500 Us dollars. He was also awarded a contract deal with sound from heaven studios. And as of now, he is officially a signed artists.


However, the journey was tough. He encountered so many challenges, and also he learnt so many lessons along the way.

"Apart from the part of the vocals and professionalism
I learnt a lot of life lessons.

For instance I learnt a little t of leadership skills just a observing how the organisers managed the competition
It wasn’t a smooth ride all through but they held everything together.

More so, i learnt one important lesson family is principal in the journey of life
My slogan was and still is #no_fans_just_family

Also, i learnt that at first people just want to see you take a step before they can support you.

It was inceredible how, I had messages of support from some incredible “Bosses” in the industry.

I never knew they were following the show

No man is an island.

I believe that I’m an output from many people my mentor.

ROCHIE OSVALIN(The singing prophet) and other ministers who directly and indirectly influence my life
.and some incredible friends and family
I discovered that I have so much work to do."

Furthermore, the competition plus the proze money, is only a gateway for better things to come into his life.

"The prize for me will be used to reinvest back into myself and the music career as a music minister.

Immediately, i will start working on some singles to keep the fire burning, and definitely get back to work
Cause I discovered a lot of strength and weaknesses I need to work on as a singer and as a person.

Also, i will love to give back to my community, as i have been honored and sponsored by this competition. I'm going to be helping some other singers discover themselves too and also get better at the craft.
Good leadership is reproduction."

About Sound from Heaven

Sound from Heaven Online Gospel Music Competition is a vision inspired by the Holy Spirit to fish out young Christian Talents with no platform , show case what they got and give them a stand in the gospel music world .

Sound from Heaven is a Department in Dew LEGACY . It was used to launch Dew lEGACY to the world because it’s birth in worship and worship is God’s heart .

 For the start our goal was to get our platform running with an expectation of 4000 followers though we didn’t hit the target in two months we went almost half way hitting 1.9k followers in two months is a major progress

We were just introducing Sfh other departments coming up and more openings to everyone one who is talented in the Holyghost

All Contestants have received a proposal on the way foward and how to grow the talent they got . So we hope they follow the instructions they receive and some will work for Dew LEGACY .

A remark on Randy's win by the Organiser

Personally I think he merits the Win because he put in. A lot of work and made a clear difference. And he followed the corrections that were given to

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