Poem: My Favourite Poison #NotoDrugAbuse

When I'm sad, you enlighten me
When I'm alone , you keep me company
When I'm down, you lift me up
When i need someone to talk to, you are always there to hear my thoughts

I became addicted to you even before i knew what addiction was
The more i consumed you, the more i wanted to get you into my system .

You became my greatest escape route whenever i had to run from myself .
You made me feel everything was okay and that you had it under control .

My shame, my pain, my wounds, you shadowed them.
I became so dependent on you, because at the end of the day, you were all i had.

But later i realized, you never healed me.
You only covered up my wounds and blinded me from seeing the purse oozing out from my body .

It took me so long to see that you damaged me. But i was so addicted to let you go. You felt so good , although you deliver such bad results.

You were so sweet in every bitter situation. You've crept through my system and destroyed all my defenses. I want better, i want to heal, i want to be normal, i want out but how do i let you go .

You were the closest thing to a friend i ever had. But just as sometimes we chose to let go of some friends, i chose today to let you go .

I will start all over, and it's okay . You might mock me, you may think I'll run right back into your arms like i always do. Not this time sweety.

I chose me today. I chose my health, my life , my mind and my consciousness.

You were my favourite poison, but thank God i found an elixir to get you off my system for good .

😊I Hope to be a better person and live out my dreams.


Dedicated to HilPharma on their #Notodrugabuse campaign.  
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