Salvation Story: From A Club Banger To An Evangelist; Kelly Blaise Achu

My Salvation Story 

There is no life outside Christ. Living without Christ is like living without life. In Christ, you have everything. Protection, guidance, you have an inheritance. The moment you become save and sanctified by confessing Jesus Christ your personal lord and savior ( Rom 10:8-10), you become part of God's great kingdom. 

You immediately start enjoying supernatural supplies. Life in Christ, is the best life to live. You are assured. 

However, this is a journey of a young man, who recognized the realities of living in God's kingdom and under his will. Someone who used to rock the world, now transformed by the word (Rom 8:28) to someone who now changes the world and strife's for it to be a better place. 

Kelly Blaise Achu

His Story 

My names Are kelly Blaise Achu,  I am a photographer /Evangelist base in Buea

 I was into showbiz before I gave my life to Christ and back then I was so into the world, had so many friends ,girlfriends and bad companions. We drank alcohol and did all bad things God hates,  because I didn't know the truth. By then i believed i was enjoying life, without knowing i was destroying my life instead. 

but thank God i found grace and got saved. 

Now I've found Jesus and I stand on his truth. Holiness and righteousness. My life is all about obeying this truth and teaching others to do same.

 My experience as a believer is that friends and family doubt your approach as a born again ,because they knew who you were and wonder why try to be something else. Also as a believer I've tasted the power of God and it's a lovely journey.It's a learning process 

I want youths to stop being Religious and become spiritually mature ,And I'll do that through massive evangelism ,both online and offline and also through my arts...

I'll advice young converts to grow and spend more time in God's presence and they should study the word of God.

The word of God is the mystery of God, to hear his voice you must study it day and night and share with others...And lastly I'll advice new convert to get rid of old companion ,cos it ruins good character, surround yourselves with believers 1 Corinthians 15:33 & 34

Nonetheless,  it is important to be born again . Salvation is free . Righteousness is a gift. 

If you are reading this, and you would love to inspire the world with your salvation story, please write to us. 

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