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I know I'll go through this path
 this storm can't break me apart
 when they wanna cast me down
your love raise me on high

Verse 1

They be throwing their arrow
but your favour like a shield though
and I will suck you like marrow
cuz ya love too di sweet though

 when I fall down your word raise me on high
and I don't  even know why u love me so much
The sea might be rough boh
your problem might be tougher
 the Father got your back boh
to turn you to an overcomer
what you see will pass away
only the word of God got to stay
 Abraham did not stagger
did the promise not come to pass?


I know I'll go through this path
these storms can't break me apart
 when they wanna cast me down
your love raise me on High.


I wake up Mr. Lazarus
 because I wana give him focus
 and short sight mr. Zacheus
 they don di talk but the lame di walk,
 I am sitteth In the fatherhood of God boh,
while I harvest on the brotherhood of man boh,
a go tokam, no stopping when u fall boh stanap we di run the race,

Anytime that I step out from His presence
I am soaked in His glory Like am stinking
now the glory is revealed your boy blinking
when the Lord is in your boat no sinking
 no limit,chop fire,overtake
boh the top is my level
knocked down
but not destroyed,His treasure is in me am precious than gold.
Bayangi boy mo manyang ah,
not my background I am made in Christ ,
He's DNA in my vein, but I put his word in my brain so I never let it go,
 let it go

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